Leftover cake recipe

Leftover cake recipe

What to do with crumbled cakes is an intriguing question. Look no further! Stale cakes are the perfect base for this no bake leftover cake recipe.

As I currently have a little time, I was browsing on the internet the other day. Trying to get fresh, stirring thoughts, inspiring dishes that I’ve never tried before, to astonish my loved ones with. Searching for a while yet could not come across any interesting things. Just before I wanted to give up on it, I discovered this scrumptious and simple dessert simply by chance. The dessert looked so delicious on its photos, that required immediate action.

It had been not so difficult to imagine just how it’s created, its taste and just how much my husband is going to like it. Actually, it is quite easy to please the man when it comes to puddings. Anyhow, I got into the webpage: Suncakemom and then followed the simple instuctions that were combined with nice pics of the task. It just makes life faster and easier. I can imagine that it is a bit of a inconvenience to take snap shots in the middle of baking in the kitchen as you may usually have gross hands therefore i genuinely appreciate the commitment she placed in to build this post and recipe easily followed.

That being said I am empowered to present my personal recipes in a similar way. Appreciate your the thought.

I had been fine tuning the initial mixture to make it for the taste of my family. I can say that it was a great success. They enjoyed the flavor, the consistency and enjoyed getting a delicacy like this during a stressful week. They ultimately demanded even more, many more. Thus the next time I am not going to commit the same miscalculation. I’m likely to twin the quantity .

Thanks for SunCakeMom who made the Leftover cake a reaility

Measure leftover cakes and add some crushed cookies to it in case there’s not enough leftovers. Put it in a medium size bowl to mix.

Dice up and soften butter if necessary. Take butter out of the fridge half an hour before use or put it in a microwave for a couple of seconds to be soft enough to work with easily.

Depending on what the leftover cake tastes like put unsweetened cocoa powder into the bowl as well. In our case it is a chocolate based (Sacher torte) leftover which is originally made with cocoa powder and chocolate so it only needed 1 tbs cocoa powder. In any other non-chocolatey leftovers don’t hold back and put at least 2 tbs cocoa powder into the bowl followed by the jam of preference, butter, raisins and rum aroma.

Mix it until all ingredients are evenly placed in the dollop.

Form the dollop into a rectangle shape.

Flip the base upside down onto a wire rack and place the wire rack onto a parchment paper.

Mark the pieces out. Cut the base at the markings.

Melt chocolate for icing.

Pour melted chocolate on top of the pastry.

Spread melted chocolate evenly.

Put rack in the fridge for half an hour. Let the chocolate settle.

Draw domino dots and lines.