About Us

Welcome to Esprit DiVin

The Esprit DiVin merchant house was established in 1934 by Elizabeth Esprit after she took over the family estate management from her father Michel Esprit. It was seen as a high risk move given the geological location of the business but becoming a distributor provided insights that the family could use to their advantage in the highly competitive wine market at the time. The brand soon expanded its core wine portfolio to reach into various kind of consumer products like spirits, biers, and other alcoholic beverages.
In the early 2000 the shift in consumer preferences demanded a to adjust the business portfolio to the changing tastes. As a result, Esprit DiVin works with more than hundred sellers across multiple countries to provide more than 500 types of drinks for its customers.
Albeit much changed since the beginning the business is still owned by the Esprit family and it’s providing jobs for more than 5000 people across Europe. The current director is Thomas Esprit who fulfilled his duty by returning to the family business after working for various multinational companies across the globe.
The company uses the most advanced SAP systems to enhance productivity across its offices and pride itself for being the frontrunner in new technologies within the sector. All office buildings are designed to be a productive and happy place for the employees of the company which resulted in three consecutive time the “Best place to work” award within the industry.
Having ISO 9001 certified since 2001 we require our supplier to also hold an ISO 9001 certificate. This ensure that we can provide continuous quality for our customers and maintain a trusting relationship for years to come.