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Langos Recipe

Craving for carbs fried in fat but not into desserts? Let’s make this fried bread topped with cheese and creme fraiche! Langos is the best!

As I recently have a little time, I was searching on the web last week. Looking for fresh, fascinating tips, inspiring recipes that I’ve never tried before, to amaze my family with. Hunting for a while unfortunately couldn’t find lots of interesting things. Just before I wanted to give up on it, I came across this delightful and easy treat by chance. The dessert seemed so fabulous on its snapshot, that called for quick actions.

It was easy to imagine the way it’s created, how it tastes and how much my hubby is going to want it. Mind you, it is rather simple to impress the man when it comes to cakes. Anyways, I visited the site: Suncakemom and followed the simple instuctions that have been coupled with great graphics of the process. It just makes life rather easy. I could imagine that it is a slight effort to take photographs down the middle of cooking in the kitchen as you most often have gross hands so I genuinely appreciate the time and energy she devote to make this blogpost and recipe easily followed.

That being said I am encouraged to present my own, personal dishes in a similar way. Many thanks for the thought.

I had been tweaking the main recipe to make it for the taste of my loved ones. I can mention it turned out an awesome outcome. They prized the flavour, the overall look and enjoyed getting a delicacy such as this in the midst of a busy week. They quite simply wanted lots more, a lot more. Thus the next time I am not going to make the same mistake. I am likely to twin the amount .

Langos Recipe was first invented by SunCakeMom

Knead flour, eggs, yogurt, water and crumbled fresh yeast. When it gets together sprinkle on the salt too and continue kneading.

Once the dough comes nicely together after about 10 minutes of kneading place the dough into a 68°F – 81°F /20°C – 27°C place and cover the dough.

Let it raise for about 45 – 90 minutes depending the temperature. More about how to bake with yeast in the KnowledgeBase.

Take the dough out into a floured surface halve it then make 8 dough balls out of them each, totaling 16.

Place the dough balls into a 68°F – 81°F /20°C – 27°C place to rise for 30 – 60 minutes depending on the temperature. Cover them with a damp cloth so they don’t dry out.

Place a small dough-ball on a well-floured surface and roll them out.

Strew it a bit more with fingers and let the gravity help too.

Heat oil as hot as possible but at least to 340°F – 350°F / 170°C – 180°C then place the flattened dough upside down into the frying pan.

After about 30 seconds or until it’s golden brown, flip it over.

Take it out and let it drip.

Apply topping and serve it immediately.