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Fish Stew Recipe – Fish Soup

Looking for a delicious fish stew? Look no further as this will be the best of all! It needs a bit of work but no good thing comes for free.

As I currently have a little time, I was looking on the internet last week. In need of new, challenging thoughts, inspirational dishes that We have never tasted before, to treat my loved ones with. Searching for quite some time yet couldn’t discover any interesting things. Right before I wanted to give up on it, I found this fabulous and simple dessert by luck over Suncakemom. The dessert seemed so delightful on its pic, it required immediate action.

It absolutely was simple enough to imagine how it’s created, how it tastes and how much my hubby will probably enjoy it. Mind you, it is quite simple to delight the man when it comes to desserts. Yes, I am a lucky one. Or maybe he is.Anyway, I visited the blog and followed the step by step instuctions that have been accompanied by impressive shots of the task. It just makes life faster and easier. I can suppose it’s a bit of a inconvenience to shoot pics in the midst of baking in the kitchen because you most often have sticky hands so that i seriously appreciate the commitment she put in to make this post and recipe easily followed.

With that said I’m empowered presenting my own dishes in the same way. Appreciate your the idea.

I was tweaking the original mixture to make it for the taste of my loved ones. I can mention it had been an incredible success. They prized the taste, the overall look and loved having a delicacy like this during a busy week. They ultimately wanted lots more, a lot more. Hence the next occasion I am not going to make the same miscalculation. I am likely to double the volume to make them delighted.

You can find the original fish soup recipe and more at SunCakeMom

Clean and gut the fish.

Cut off the tail and head then put them in a sauce pan.

Dice up the onions.

Add the onions, paprika, optional salt and black pepper to the sauce pan.

Fill tha sauce pan up with water until the ingredients are submerged and bring it to boil.

Simmer it for 60 – 90 minutes until the meat easily separets from the bones.

Separate the hard parts from the liquid then start the meat exctraction process.

Mash through the meat of the fish on the holes of a sturdy sieve. It’s a heartbreaking toil so better get a special equipment designed for pureing things. Even better if it’s electric.

Pour the pureed fish back into the liquid and we have a delicious fish stock ready.

Put the fish stock back on the cook top, add a some more paprika to it and bring it to boil again.

Add the sliced up fish pieces and cook it on medium until it’s done for about 10-20 minutes depending on the width and type of fish we use.