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Framboise Eau De Vie (Raspberry Brandy)

Since 1626, the Trimbach family members continues to be promoting the annals, exceptional terroirs and okay wines of Alsace. Maison Trimbach is situated in Ribeauvillé, where today three years work closely jointly. Day-to-day functions are handled individually by brothers Pierre and Jean Trimbach, representing the 12th era. Bernard and Hubert Trimbach, the 11th era (dad and uncle, respectively, to Pierre and Jean) stay integrally included. Anne, the eldest from the 13th generation, provides just joined up with the family members business.
The Trimbachs have a purist vision. Across 12 years, the family provides always created wines that are organised, long-lived, fruity, elegant and well balanced: the celebrated Trimbach design. Bottles stay in the cellar for quite some time before achieving the industry, ensuring the wines are both prepared to drink upon discharge but also keep great maturing potential.

Production Area

France, Alsace


The raspberries are picked early each day to be able to supply the eaux-de-vie its wonderful aroma. After getting carefully inspected, the raspberries are put into vats for maceration which can last weeks. Maceration is normally executed with neutral wines brandy. The aroma as well as the flavor of the initial fruit is normally extracted and conserved through the distillation procedure using steam warmed stills. Distillation is normally a single constant procedure using the reduction of the original mind” and last tail” distillate to keep just the best from the distillation known as the center.” Framboise Grande Reserve after that undergoes maturing in stainless for at the least 16 months.




Aromas of fresh crushed raspberries and ideas of red fruits cobbler


Clean, clean, invigorating brandy using a core of raspberry fruit