Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Should we care what lies under the wrap or simply believe our eyes? Let’s make some tasty sausage rolls and only then decide!

As I currently have a little time, I was browsing on the internet last week. In need of new, stirring tips, inspiring recipes that I’ve never tested before, to astonish my family with. Hunting for quite some time yet could not come across any interesting things. Just before I wanted to give up on it, I found this tempting and simple dessert by chance. It seemed so delicious on its photos, it called for prompt action.

It absolutely was not so difficult to imagine just how it’s created, its taste and just how much my husband will probably like it. Actually, it is rather simple to impress him in terms of puddings. Anyway, I visited the page: Suncakemom and used the comprehensive instuctions that were accompanied by great photographs of the method. It just makes life faster and easier. I could imagine that it is a bit of a inconvenience to take pics in the midst of cooking in the kitchen as you normally have sticky hands thus i highly appreciate the effort and time she placed in to build this post .

That being said I am empowered presenting my very own recipes in a similar fashion. Many thanks the idea.

I had been tweaking the main mixture to make it for the taste of my loved ones. I can mention it had been an incredible outcome. They loved the flavour, the structure and enjoyed getting a sweet like this in the midst of a stressful workweek. They quite simply asked for more, more and more. So the next occasion I’m not going to commit the same miscalculation. I’m going to twin the quantity .

Many Thanks to Suncakemom for the toothsome Sausage rolls.


Unroll the puff pastry. We used a 12″/ 32cm diameter European style round puff pastry. Size may vary. Keep the parchment paper.

Divide the pastry to three equal parts.

Since we used a round pastry, we had to patch the missing part of the circle by dividing the pastry into 3 equal 3″/9cm parts and a 4th 2″ / 5cm one that we used as a patch.

Place the Wieners on top.

Wrap the Wieners in.

Cut the rolls into 1″/2.5cm pieces or as desired. Place them onto a parchment paper laid baking sheet then brush them with beaten egg yolk aka egg-wash.

Bake them in a 350°F / 180°C preheated oven until golden brown for about 25 – 30 minutes.